Nigerian Immigration Test


One of the most challenging aptitude test you would ever write as a Nigerian graduate seeking employment is the Nigerian Immigration Test.


The Unique thing about the test is that out of the numerous people that applied only a few get called up for the test – it is therefore not an opportunity you want to take for granted. We offer a comprehensive study pack for the Nigerian Immigration Test. As with every exam, preparation is crucial. You will be pressed on speed and accuracy, and you would have to get a very good score to scale through to the interview stage. Keep in mind that you are in competition with other test takers. A high score would definitely stand you out.

To get the Main package  in PDF format, pay the sum of 2000 Naira to any of the account below:

 Account Name: G.S.E  I.T  GURUS
 GTB Bank:        0135995414     

Account Name: G.S.E  I.T  GURUS
ECO Bank:        4142038847    
Then send the following details to 08166004938 or 08183118444

                                             Your e-mail address
                                              Bank of deposit
                                              Deposit slip number
                                              Name of Depositor

                                              Package Name(GET)
                                              Amount paid

Internet transfers or online payments could also be made into any of the accounts.

After Payment and Texting your details, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the LOGIN section and enter your email address and password then click SIGN UP 

and fill in the necessary details, then text "GIVE ME ONLINE ACCESS" to 08166004938      


2. Wait for 30minutes then LOGIN by entering your email address and password and clicking LOGIN.

At this point, you now have both online practice and PDF download access to all

the tests on the package(s) you paid for    


3. To Practice Timed Test online, click the PRACTICE BUTTON. Set the Practice Mode to Exam, if

you wish to take a full test without interruption. However, if you wish to see the right option and

explanation after each question, set the Practice Mode to Practice 



To download the packages for

offline practice, click the DOWNLOAD BUTTON beside the PRACTICE NOW button


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