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Passing the Dragnet test is more of the material you studied prior to your test than your intelligence quotient. Over the years of preparing Job test takers with our preparatory packages, we have come to see average students come out with sterling results, most times out performing their smarter counterparts. We have helped thousands to land their dream jobs. See a little from over a thousand testimonials we have gotten below


Thanks a lot.
I would recommend this to anyone. Got the complete package a few minutes after I made payment. Plus i wrote the dragnet chevron test on the 7th of september and I must say, the questions were really easy to me cuz i had mastered more difficult questions from the practise test, hoping i get shortlisted for the next stage sha.


Very grateful to u GSE. I studied your complete pack for d first bank test last year and scaled tru. I also studied the combined complete pack of the dragnet pack and workforce pack and scald true Heritage bank test.
Just felt indebted to u.


Many thanks. I'm really impressed because i've done the tests before and the questions are legitimate. The solutions are the icing on the cake.
Reasonably priced too.


wonder job!! prompt response!!!! good stuff!! thumbs up!!

Mr. Joe

Thank You for your effort in putting together this material..its awesome. I made it.
thanks again

Nelson Chi

Thank you very much...wao!!! I am highly impressed. No more fear of going for a dragnet aptitude test. God bless.


Thank you so much for your help. It has helped me a lot to prepare for my test.


I must confess you guys are sincere. U actually kept your word of instant response.
Thanks for the prompt response, I must let my friend know about you.


This is quite impressive. I appreciate your swift response after making the payment (2k) . You have proved your integrity and credibility to me and hence, I recommend your services to the SMART ones that want to ace dragnet test. what a handy resources. Thanks once again. KEEP IT UP!


Got it. These materials look very promising. Thanks a lot. My test is in a few days, hope I can master what needs to be mastered before then. Wish me luck.


I realy appreciate d questions u gave to me, cos we wrote today in abuja chams city.
It helped a lot

Abdulrahman Umar Atiku

The Dragnet Test Success Strategy

Our Dragnet packages consist of past questions that have been used in previous Dragnet test. All our preparatory test packages have explained solutions and quick guides that easily expose the right answers to you at a glance. Our Dragnet package does not just solve the questions alone but trains your mind (within a very short time of study) to think outside the box to get the answers correctly each time. We have also simulated the same test environment you will face on your actual test day by making available to you our main test portal where you can do numerous timed test and measure your performance. Also you would have access to download our Dragnet PDF packages for offline study.

Many claim to have the past questions and materials you need to study to pass the Dragnet aptitude test – Anyone can actually claim this to make some gains from you. For 8 years we have provided accurate Dragnet past questions and effective preparatory study packages with easy to understand explained solutions that have helped thousands of young graduates secure employments into their dream places of work. All over our blogsite and website numerous success testimonies abound. Every other day, our hardworking team of intelligent men and women continuously brainstorm to find out new ways of helping our candidates. At first, we started with providing effective Dragnet Past Questions And Explained Solutions on PDF materials, then we progressed to designing a programmed computer based portal (where you can take a lot of timed Dragnet test) that is a perfect simulation to what you will face on your actual test day. With our Dragnet computer based test portal, a lot of candidate’s performance increased exponentially. Now, we are taking it a step further by providing you with access to study at ease with our online Dragnet class and topic specific easy to understand video that breaks down all aspects of the Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Reasoning sections of the Dragnet Test.
To gain full access, you would have to purchase the Complete Dragnet Package (N2000) and the Dragnet Study Videos ((N1000) that offers you the following:

1.Access to download the complete PDF Dragnet Test Package with explained solutions that contains 280 past and simulated dragnet questions with explained solutions
2.Access to our computer based portal where you can do timed test and improve your speed and accuracy
3.Access to the online class and video that helps you easily assimilate how to tackle each section of the Dragnet test

To Purchase Make a deposit/transfer/USSD payment of N3000 into:

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Just like we upgraded from just offering PDF study materials by adding access to the CBT portal where our candidates can practice to improve their speed and accuracy, we have also observed that the competition in securing a job (especially as a fresh graduate) has become extremely competitive. Hence, to give our candidates the much needed edge, we have designed the video tutorial classes so that every section of the test can be mastered and tackled with confidence and ease.

Benefits of using the Dragnet Video Tutorial Classes
Videos assist and engage the senses to easily understand the readable materials.
With the dragnet online classes and tutorial video you will easily and quickly assimilate all the strategies in the Dragnet PDF study packages
With the Dragnet test video classes and tutorial video you can study on- the-go on your mobile devices. The Dragnet classes and tutorial videos can also be viewed on other devices like laptops, tablets e.t.c
A very crucial reason why the Dragnet Tutorial videos will greatly improve your performance is because from study, videos have been found to increase knowledge retention. The Dragnet aptitude test tutorial videos can be paused and replayed as many times as required to increase the assimilation of any topic or subject area
The Dragnet Aptitude Test Tutorial videos and classes will greatly improve your understanding of complex areas of the test as the tutors have given special focus to all such areas in their trainings.

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Make a deposit/transfer/USSD payment of N3000 into:
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Account name: GSE IT Gurus
Account number: 0135995414

Bank: ECO Bank
Account name: GSE IT Gurus
Account number: 4142038847

After payment, send an sms or whatsapp chat to 08166004938 the details below: Name, email address and package name (Dragnet Plus)

Dragnet test follows a standard format which has not changed over time. We have analyzed the format and come out with ways for test takers to easily get to the right answers with little or no missed answers to questions. By practicing over and over again with our Dragnet preparatory test material, you would get accustomed to the Dragnet test format and ace your test without stress
The Dragnet test you would face on your test day will comprise of 20 Numerical Questions, 20 Verbal Questions and 16 Abstract Questions. You would have only 17 minutes to tackle each section. Once your 17 minutes elapses that section automatically closes. We understand that the only way test takers can surmount this challenge is by practicing over and over again in simulated conditions of a timed environment which our online test portal offers. After experiencing how the actual Dragnet test day would be, you can now use our offline Dragnet package to learn better, easier and faster ways you should have tackled each questions. 95% of those who used both our Online time based package and Offline PDF packages come out successful in their Dragnet job test. You too can be one

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